Conferences and Events

The center promotes seminars, workshops, conferences and national and international conventions on the study of the human spirit and spirituality and their application in various arenas such as education, health and psychotherapy. Over the years, the center’s members have organized a number of major conferences. These conferences were met with success and were attended by hundreds of individuals from all over Israel. The first of these was a groundbreaking annual conference established in 2009: The Israeli Conference for the Study of Contemporary Spiritualities. To date, the conference has been held 9 times, some of them at the University of Haifa and some of them at Tel-Aviv University. The center’s members were also involved in organizing a conference on A Life Worth Living; the first Israeli conference on contemplative education: Spirit, Awareness and Magic in Education; and Gateways to Spirituality in Psychotherapy and Counselling, the first academic conference in Israel on the integration of spirituality in psychotherapy.