What is spirituality?

Human spirituality is relevant to individuals both within and outside of religion, and is manifested (among other things) in beliefs, world-views, experiences and practices.

  • Spirituality involves recognizing the existence of a sublime, sacred, endless and eternal realm, usually seen as beyond and outside the person, and in some traditions, within them as well
  • Spirituality is seen as a personal, experiential connection to this sacred realm, which provides our life with meaning

At its best, spirituality includes:

  • A connection to one’s authentic self, referred to in some traditions as one’s “soul” or “divine spark”
  • An ability to experience and maintain a deep affinity with our human and natural surroundings, and a sense of responsibility towards all that exists
  • Aspiring to connect to a higher eternal, boundless and sacred essence(s)
  • Conducting one’s life in a sensible, balanced, caring, giving and pro-social manner